REFUGEE WEEK Sunday 17 June to Saturday 23 June 2012

Bennelong Federal MP, Mr. John Alexander is celebrating Refugee Week by congratulating Macquarie University on their Refugee Mentoring Program. “The theme for Refugee Week 2012 is restoring hope and Macquarie Universities Refugee Mentoring Program is doing just that.” said Mr. Alexander MP.
The mentoring program known as LEAP (Learning, Education, Aspiration and Participation) involves student mentors from 21 different cultural backgrounds with a few from refugee backgrounds themselves. The student mentors are from a variety of disciplines including the Faculty of Arts, Business & Economics, Science and Human Sciences. The LEAP program encourages and supports students from disadvantaged backgrounds to transition into higher education. The high school students are in years 9-12, originating from 17 different countries of birth. The mentors from Macquarie University spend time with these refugee high school students, educating them of the opportunities at university and giving them the confidence and skills to apply. “Many of the mentees have commented on how empowered they felt after their mentoring, just to know someone cares and that they can be a valued member of our society.” said Mr. Alexander
Each mentor provides individual mentoring support for a small group of students. “Given the right support, these mentors can have a positive impact on the employment, health and complete wellbeing of refugee students,” Mr. Alexander said. “This innovative program deserves our recognition and I applaud Macquarie University for this great program.”
World Refugee Day BBQ
Wednesday 20 June, Macquarie University
An informal BBQ for staff and students of Macquarie University to raise awareness of the current position of refugees worldwide and to dispel myths commonly believed about refugees and asylum seekers. Information will be provided on general issues as well as information about the Macquarie Mentoring program that supports high school students from a refugee background.
Details: Free; 11:30am-1:30pm; Central courtyard, Macquarie University, North Ryde, NSW 2109; for further information contact Aakifah Suleman/Nilanka Tilbrook on (02) 9850 7394, email, or visit